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40 years

30 novels

+700.000 books in print

+800 author-reader meetings

IBBY Honor Roll Lifetime-Award winner

National School Curriculum author

One of the most popular Hungarian children/ youth book writers

"I have followed the footsteps of Mark Twain,

Erich Kästner and Roald Dahl. My readers are mostly children who choose wisely what

they read. And they even tend to

ask questions about what they read." Gabor Nogradi



The Story of Pie

This is an amusing and thought-provoking tale about father and son, who wake up one morning to find that during the night they had swopped bodies. For a few days they have to live each other's lives: the father goes to school, the boy must go to work at the television studios. Trading places give them the opportunity to learn more about each other, understand themselves and their relationship better.

The novel was awarded the Book of the Year in 2002 and was on the IBBY Honor list and was voted as one of the best-loved 100 novels in the Hungarian 'Big Book contest.

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Hetcheky and the Little Kidnappers 

Gabor Nogradi wrote his first book for children, Inspector Hecheky and the Little Kidnappers about a young boy who stages his own kidnapping with his friends in an attempt to reunite his divorced parents. A jolly detective figures out the truth and finds the boy hiding in an attic, but instead of exposing the kids, he decides to come to the aid of the desperate children.
A provocative and enticing plot, a police investigation, mischievous kids, humour, love, friendship, loyalty, courage, tumultuous family affairs, oddball neighbours, an evil mother-in-law and a Hollywood-ending - all parts of this exciting and whimsical novel. The book was made into a children movie, (also known as The Palisade Street Kidnapping) which is one of the most popular children movies in Hungary and was distributed in several European countries. Gabor Nogradi wrote the script to the movie.

Inspector Hecheky and the Robin Hood family gang

The sequel to the first book is also a humorous novel (original title: Hecheky and the good-hearted burglars) about a team of vivacious kids who break into the houses of known crooks, 'Robin Hood style'. They ‘operate’ under the direction of their brassy granny. They decide to become little burglars because they want to help their parents to overcome their financial difficulties. The hearty Inspector, known from the first novel appears again, investigates and naturally, comes to the aid of the little rascals.

Help, it's a human!

This book was inspired by the author’s younger son, a true animal enthusiast who kept all kinds of pets in his room from hamsters to rabbits, from birds to hundreds of tropical fish. The book explains in a humorous style how children should look after their pets and exotic animals, written from the point of view of the animals themselves. The funny short stories reveal how the silly (and sometimes careless) humans make their pet’s lives difficult. We learn from the parrot, the dog, the cat, the rabbit, the hedgehog, the dog, the cat, the mouse, the gold fish and many other household animals. The book was a critical success, became a bestseller and never went out of print ever since its first publishing. It was also made into a musical and has become the first choice for children (fans of humorous children literature), who attend recital and acting competitions.

Being my mom

 T his time it is daughter and mom who switch bodies, following the successful intervention of the somewhat wacky and eccentric scientist grandpa, whose constant urge to improve the world resembles the enthusiasm of Doc - Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd's character in the movie Back to the Future). The following confusion creates a funny and exciting novel. The author says about his book: "The idea of mom and daughter swopping bodies was inspired by my little readers at one of the book signings. At first, I was hesitant to write the book, because a story about the inner feelings and thoughts of a small girl and her mother seemed a bit scary for a man at my age, but funny enough, it has become one of the most cherished books I have ever written. And certainly my readers love it, as it has never been out of print since it was first published."


How to teach...?

Want to know how to discipline your school buddy, your math teacher, your cat and the housefly? How to educate your family members: your little brother, your uncle, your grandma? How to turn your dachshund into a pit bull and yourself into a top-of-the-class student?


No problem!


Just read the 50+ humorous guidance and playful instructions in this book that will tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.


As the author suggests: "When I was a kid, everybody believed that disciplining a child will create miracles. And sometimes it does. This book is about the fact that everything and everyone can be disciplined. (Except, of course, ourselves, because our personality is as sturdy as the icebergs at the North Pole.) When I wrote the first instructions on how to discipline our family members, I suddenly realized: I can discipline anyone from the UFOs to the police and the ghost in the attic. And I did, with no mercy!" 

Beyond the seven seas

Miracles happen when you really believe in them. And if you do all you can to make them happen. Benedict knows that his mom could not have disappeared for good when she went out to swim in the sea. He believes that Mom is still alive and one day she will return. The weeks and months can pass by, there can be a bunch of doubters around him and even grandma can make arrangements to bring a new mommy to Dad, but Benedict knows that Mom is alive! Maybe the UFOs took her. Maybe Mickey the monkey, from the fairy tale picked her up and brings her back in his boat. Maybe smugglers picked her up in that sudden sea storm on that fateful day, took her to far away, beyond the seven seas, but one day, someone picks up the phone and calls a number at home…


This is the most personal novel by the author and his favorite one, by his own admission.

Coming home

Two English children arrive to Hungary, a small but colorful country in Eastern Europe, to spend a summer vacation with their relatives in the countryside.


But they do not really like what they see, and decide to come home to London. They start walking on foot, accompanied by a dog and a horse. But Eastern Hungary is a long way from West London. On their way, there are many perilous adventures waiting for the kids that test their brightness, creativity and most of all, courage.

In the Press

In the 'Big Book' competition (which was the Hungarian version of the BBC’s Big Read in Britain) only 12 modern novels made the top 100 most popular books by authors such as Imre Kertesz, Peter Esterhazy and Magda Szabo, and one of those was Gabor Nogradi’s children book PetePite, the winner of the prestigious IBBY Honor Roll award.


According to the survey of the National Szecheny Library conducted in 2003 and repeated in 2008, Gabor Nogradi has several books among the most checked out children novels . Both surveys confirm that Nogradi is the most popular living author in Hungary among the age group 10-12, with only foreign authors ranking higher than him, such as Rowling, Wilson and Cabot.

Gabor Nogradi is one of the most significant role players of the modern children literature. Generations grew up under the influence of his work – and many of us quote the lines in his books and his movies. Is there anyone who hasn't read PetePite or saw the movie "We never die"?

Ayhan Gökhan 

Rita Peterfi


Gabor Nogradi (born June 22, 1947, Nyiregyhaza) is a Hungarian book author, poet, screenwriter and playwright who is best known for his humorous novels and educational books for children and young adults, such as The pigeon granny and PetePie, which won the 2002 Children's Book of the Year award and was on the prestigious IBBY Honor List.


His work is noted for its "realistic storytelling", humour and surprising twists. Over the past decades he has become one of the nation's favourite authors and his books are loved and cherished not only by young readers but also by parents and teachers, because his novels are frequently themed around the fears and struggles children have to face in their formative years, such as divorce, falling in love and conflicts at school and in the family. In popularity, Gabor Nogradi is similar to Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson or Anthony Horowitz in Great Britain. His books in Hungary are published by MORA, the largest Hungarian children's literature publisher.



Unlike many authors who were born into a safe and loving environment, Nogradi had a harrowing and tumultuous, Dickens-like childhood. He was born into a modest Jewish family, during the darkest age of communist in Hungary. At the age of seven he lost his mother to cancer, who was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Before her passing, she had given an ultimate gift to her only son - she taught him how to read. His father was a woodworker who viewed reading books was "utterly useless" and "a waste of time".

At countless nights Nogradi read his books late at night under his duvet with a torch, to avoid the scolding of his father, realizing that "literature was my only way to escape the harsh reality of that Godless universe of Hungary in the 50's." He always remained an outsider, an alienated fighter, who was denied to attend both high school and university, despite being a distinguished student.

He started his life with disadvantage, but through sheer determination and a self-inflicted confidence in his writing ambitions, he rose to the top of his profession, becoming the most popular children book writer of his time, whose books have become part of the national school curriculum in literature.immense

"Entertain, sure. But our true job, as modern children book writers is to help our readers to better understand the world around us. Children have questions. We must try to answer those, even if sometimes we ask the same questions from ourselves."    GN

His life is the proof of his philosophy "The deeper one finds himself at the bottom of the pool, the bigger push he can give to himself, as long as he is hungry enough to fulfill his dreams." Nogradi credits his early childhood experiences with much of his success in writing, as he says it helped him to "develop an extreme layer of toughness to handle rejections."

The author later transposed his rebellious childhood experiences into the characters of his novels - hence the birth of the recurring hero in most of his books: the rebellious, warring child who fights against injustice, fights for his rights and for the preservation of his or her individuality. Whether it is the kid who stages his own kidnapping an attempt to reunite his divorced parents or the gang of good hearted kids who steal from crooked entrepreneurs, 'Robin Hood style', in order to help their parents to overcome financial difficulties, or Emily, the young girl who one morning wakes up realizing she had switched bodies with her mom - they all have one thing in common: an undeterred fighting spirit to understand the world around them and to make the world understand them. The reason why his stories are so appealing to the children of today's world is because they can relate their own fears, conflicts and troubles with the characters they meet in Gabor Nogradi's books.

Gabor Nogradi will be 70 years old in 2017.



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