Gabor Nogradi
Inspector Hecheky and the Robin Hood family gang

The children of the Williams family living in a wet, unhealthy, sub-terrean basement create a Robin Hood-style gang with their friends and under the leadership of the brassy grandma, and decide to break into the houses of local businessmen who are known crooks. They plan to amalgamate enough money to help their family to rent a decent property before the upcoming arrival of their little sister.


They hit the mansion of the leader of an organized car-theft operation, then break into the house of an embezzling businessman.


Their parent, the expecting mom and the constant dreamer father, who is a gambler and works as a zookeeper, have no idea about their secret operation. The water from the pre-war pipes at times bursts up into the family’s apartment and the only way to stop it from flooding it is a giant cork – inherited from their grandpa.


Inspector Hecheky, who is running the investigation of the robberies, from signs found on the crime scene is more and more certain that the burglers he must look for are children.


In the meantime, grandma and the Robin Hood-gang is looking for a house to rent. They meet a young married couple living in even worse circumstances than they do, and they end up giving them their money.


Inspector Hecheky poses as a criminal and befriend the kids, and help them to ransack another crooked businessman’s house - an act that makes his senior officers going mad. The enterpreneurs look frantically for the people who robbed them.


The story escalades into a giant pursuit in the railway of the local amusement park...



The novel is inspired by the author’s personal experience when he and his family lived in a windowless basement. The novel’s international copyright is in the author’s property.)