Gabor Nogradi

Beyond the seven seas

  The Brown family, the violinist father, Paul, the school teacher mother Tracy, their son, 11 year old Benjamin, and their daughters, 14 year old Rachel and 4 year old Cathy are on vacation in Southern France from Manchester. The mother, who is expecting another baby, swims out to the sea in Nice. Suddenly the weather turns bad and a huge storm hits the coast. Tracy disappears. Benjamin does not want to accept that her mother died, he believes that she survived the storm and one day she will return to her family. Her mom always told them humorous stories, and now Benjamin tells stories to his sister to comfort her. The family returns to Manchester in an attempt to come to terms with their loss.

But the mother indeed survived the storm, although washed far out to the sea. She is found and picked up by smugglers. It turns out she has no recollection of who she is or where she comes from, as a result of amnesia. The smugglers do not want to deal with the police so they decide to ditch the woman somewhere on the coast and send her on her way.

In the meantime in Britain, Paul’s mother, Grandma introduces a new lady to her son. Linda is not only smart, but she is also pretty. But Benjamin still believes that her mom is alive.

Tracy wanders around the coast. She is accompanied by baby animals from a touring circus. She is searching for food, she makes fire, she acts like one of the participants on that TV show Survival.

Her son, Benjamin and his friend, Kenneth believes that Tracy was abducted by the aliens. Their belief is confirmed by Kenneth’s uncle, the UFO researcher watchmaker. He tells the boys that aliens are curious how the baby is born on Earth, and they tend to pick up pregnant and once they learn that, they let the humans go.

Tracy ends up in the circus. Unbenownst to her, the owners of the circus also deal with trafficking girls and young women, and they realize a vested interest in Tracy. The clown at the circus befriend Tracy and tries to help her with her amnesia. The clown learns about the evil plans of the circus director and his wife. Their cheerful act gets a standing ovation with the audience. When Tracy sees on TV that at a sport event they play the English hymn, she gets emotional.  

In Manchester, Linda would be willing to help the Brown family as step mother, but Benjamin fights against the idea. Tracy gives birth to her fourth child. The clown puts the human traffickers to jail and saves Tracy.

The Brown family is preparing for a very sad Christmas. They sing a Christmas carol when the phone starts to ring. It is Tracy, calling home from Africa.