On the role of a children book writer

"Every adult who works with children has an enormous responsibility. Just as one must put extra care into nurturing a growing tree or a puppy compared to dealing with an old tree or a fully-grown dog. An author writing for youth can help his readers open the door to a new world, the mystery of social encounters, the secret of human relations. He can reassure the strengths of the child's personality, he can decrease his anxiety and fears, he has the ability to deepen his knowledge, he can help him better understand the world. He can direct him to good or bad directions. The right book can be the best therapy, friend and teacher for the distressed child.



On exploring talent

Everybody is born as a genius. If a child's talent cannot blossom the way it should, that is not the child's fault, but the school system and the environment he lives in. The responsibility of the parent is small, because most parents have never been trained to be teachers. When something is wrong with our car, our watch or our house, we call a professional to fix it. No one wants to repair these himself. In modern society, it is not enough to love the children. No seed will become a flower just because it gets love. It also needs professional care and nursing to bloom. So if we do not nurse and protect the child's talent, he will become a gloomy adult and the whole world will be poorer. The true values of a nation are in the souls and minds of its people, not in the vaults of the National Bank.



















On the pursuit of happiness


For each of us the way a different path is leading to happiness. Nobody can be forced to a particular direction with the idea that he finds pleasure there, if he does not. The child must be allowed to find his own way, just like the root grows in the ground, avoiding stones, seeking nutrients. Even if we find his interests a bit odd, we must support him in whatever he finds pleasure. We cannot make someone happy just out of sheer desire, but we can help him in his quest for it, and hope for the best.



On his legacy

I believe that the future readers of my books will find more and more of the 'subliminal messages' between the lines. Today's fads, trends, shortsightedness, ignorance can disguise a deeper understanding of what I try to get through to the minds.  This is natural. For generations to come it is common sense what is hard to fathom today for many. In my life I have reached significantly less people compared to the masses I will teach after I am gone for decades to come.  

Quotes by Gabor Nogradi

On the importance of reading literature for pleasure

"Books have the vital roles in man's life just like any other art forms: they cure the soul, they educate us with the knowledge and the message within the lines, they improve self-knowledge, they enhance the imagination, sharpen the creativity. It is like medicine for the soul. It helps us to relief pain, to get rid of fears, lessen our depression. The significance of the right literature for the right person is downright more effective than any other form of guidance, including religion or parenting. It is therefore paramount that the child reads for his own pleasure from an early age. And the way to do this is to show him the type of books that he would likely to enjoy, which is not necessarily the book the school or society considers as valuable. To do that, of course, his family members and those who are trusted with the child's care must consider his personality and interest. My younger son, Ben was infatuated with the wildlife and the animal world. So what did I do? I lavished him with books by Gerald Durrell and David Attenborough and Jane Goodall, and any book I could find on the animal kingdom, no expense spared. And before he knew it, he finished two books a week and soon began reading books, by own choice, like the Jungle Book and Treasure Island and the works of Mark Twain.